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Raging Hot (The Raging Hot Series #1) Analinn Cush

Raging Hot (The Raging Hot Series #1)

Analinn Cush

Published January 9th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Youre just not good-looking or hot enough.The very words no wife wants to hear from her husband for reasons to end a marriage.Anger issues dont help either. Lois did have a quick temper but things had always blown over. She could understand Devin getting turned off by that, but not hot enough? Screw him! Anger drives her. And its what she drives with too. Karma bites when Lois is pulled over by a motorcycle cop, Slade Stanfield. This man knows major irritation when he sees it. He half-jokingly threatens to take her into the station and after Lois makes a smart-ass remark, stalks away while delivering a curt warning. Wrapped up in being pissed, Lois tosses him the bird and screeches away. When Officer Stanfield shows up at Lois place to return the drivers license hed forgotten to give back he finds the front door ajar. When Lois doesnt answer after he calls out, Slade enters the house and experiences and encounter he wasnt expecting and would certainly never forget. Its Raging Hot...