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Diamond and the Edinburgh Madam (Diamond Rising Star Adair Book 2) Dewey Dempsey

Diamond and the Edinburgh Madam (Diamond Rising Star Adair Book 2)

Dewey Dempsey

Kindle Edition
304 pages
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 About the Book 

Diamond Rising Star Adair is a Cherokee Princess in that her family is one that held onto its oil allotment and went on to create a sizable fortune. They operate the Tsali Lodge resort and ski center in the fictional town of Gran Lac, geographically the real Lake Fremont in Wyoming.She was raised by an alcoholic jet-setting mother who is now a jet-setter to AA conferences and round-ups. She is tall, attractive and athletic, having been a finalist for the U. S. Olympics Women Soccer Team. Educated both at the Tahlequah Indian School and private boarding schools, she has degrees from Cornell and a doctorate from Brown. She is in the process of leaving her tenured teaching position in Denver to open a private detective agency after having captured a serial killer known as the Bridger Butcher in the popular press, because Gran Lac is at the edge of the Bridger Wilderness area.In the second book of the series Diamond Rising Star Adair is continuing her transition from a jet-setting college professor and pursuer of hobbies to being the owner of her own detective agency. Her best friend’s family is again attacked by a mysterious sniper. Wary of the motives for the attack and the impact they might have on her friend, Diamond is initially reluctant to take up the case.As the action moves from Nebraska and Wyoming to Denver, Tulsa and Tahlequah we learn that the sniper is a former policewoman from Scotland who was fired after the second questionable death of a suspect and became the owner of a BD/SM brothel in Edinburgh. She is in America with two false identities and the help of an international criminal friend. She is joined in her vendetta by a mysterious Modoc Indian who is on the Interpol terrorist suspect list. In the middle of the action, Diamond is led to spend time with a distant relative and begin accepting that she is in a line of Cherokee medicine women. She also finds herself moving closer to Jim Sullivan, who has resigned from the federal task force to pursue Native American spiritual practices.Nothing is predictable in this complex, mature detective story.